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I'm a noob help me


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hello there icon_e_smile.gif I have been trying all day to get my normal desktop computer to run mac os x leopard 10.5.6.. well before i start i will just give you some spec's


Motherboard: Asus P4GPL-X : http://www.asus.com/Product.aspx?P_ID=GyWtvGWNtIurTFm0

Ram: 1 GB DDR

HDD: WD 260 gb 7200 RPM

CPU: Intel pentium 4 3,0 Ghz

Monitor: 32" Phillips flat tv

GPU: Geforce 8500 GT 256 mb


Can any one tell me what i should choose of drivers and so on when i gonna try once more with IPC 10.5.6 ? icon_e_confused.gif


I am willing to pay for at version of Mac os x 10.5.6 just made for my PC with everything working on it icon_e_smile.gif just like the version for MSI Wind u100 witch runs perfectly

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