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I am using an old Dell 4500s and followed this guide...




after booting up from Jas 10.5.4 I got the language select screen in Mac but it was very grey and blurry the font was very hard to read. I manage to install it based on selecting

  • Kernal package: Intel SSE2 SSE3 9.2.0 Sleep
  • Driver Package: Intel-ICHx
  • Device Identification: NVIDIA GeForce nForce Chipset Fix
  • uncheck clean

After I installed it and reset it however I am getting the following:


Mac OS Version not yet set and a window in middle that says You need to restart your computer. Hold do the Power button for several seconds or press the Restart Button. This is said in 4 different languages


On the first installation before the MAC screen came up I was getting messages like:


flow control is disabled and “localhost kextd[47]: can’t add repository (not a directory) Resetting IOCatalogue. then localthost kextd[47] root filesystem is read only skipping kernel link data generation.


Any help? =/ email me or msn me at szeria23@hotmail.com post here or PM me please!

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