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Aggregate Device Crash on P5W DH & 10.5.6


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I'm using P5W DH Mobo, using iPC 10.5.6 release.

I have 5.1 speaker system connected analog to the mobo ( NO SPDIF )

I know that the only way to use Surround on OSX is through "Audio Midi Setup" then to setup Aggregate Device.


My problem is that after i've done it, when I try to listen to Itunes - It Crushes !

When I try to click one of the speakers icon in the "audio midi setup" - it crashes.

So... :(

What should i do to make it works ?


Currently i can only hear sound on ONE pair of the speaker system - STEREO ONLY.

All the point using the Aggregate Device is that i could enable 5.1 or more channel... -> SURROUND !


Should I install other Codec ? (My mobo is ALC 882) Where can i get working Kext ( that resolves this problem )

Should i try to install different AppleHDA kext? where from ?

Should I try another approach ? any Ideas ?


Please community - HELP.

There're almost NON threads about Surround support in the Forum...

I'll appreciate ANY advice...


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