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Unable to find a mouse / Keyboard


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I'm an OSx86 newbie attempting to install it on my laptop. I manged to install iATKOS 10.5.5 without any problems at all.


After installing OS-X starts up normally, but then I'm greeted with a screen that says


 Before you Begin...
There is no mouse connected to your computer. Please connect your mouse


I connected a USB mouse and it detected the mouse immediately. However it then moved on to the exact same message but for the keyboard (I don't have a USB keyboard ;))


I find it very weird that the installer detected both my Laptop Keyboard and Mouse, and they functioned perfectly, however after booting the OS, it isn't.


The hardware is a HP EliteBook 2730p Notebook with a GS45 Express Chipset Dual Booting with Debian Lenny.


Also, I'm annoyed that OSx86 seems to have automatically overwritten my boot loader, so now I guess I'll have to reinstall grub and configure it.


Any help or advice would be appreciated.





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