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MAC address problem


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Just installed 10.5.6 ( iDeneb 1.4 ) on an AMD system ( GA-MA770 DS3 , DualCore 5200+ , HD2600Pro )

Installed with a 16Gb Usb key on an external drive , all hardware is recognized ( proc shows as an intel duocore 2700 ;)) and everything works perfect ... except that my Realtek 8168/8111 ethernet adapter shows a different MAC address than the one it shows in windows ?! Is that even possible - two different hardware addresses of the same adapter ?

Tried to change the MAC manually with both 'ifconfig en0 lladdr 00....' and 'ifconfig en0 ether 00....' and it accepts the command but it doesn't change anything .

I have still the option to change the MAC in windows ( pretty easy ) and then call my ISP to ID me with the new one

but i have to be sure that it's not a driver issue that's causing all this trouble . Adapter shows correctly in system profiler - how can i test it without establishing a connection ?

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