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Questions on iATKOS 5i Install (XPS M1530)


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I'm doing the install on my Dell XPS M1530 (Dual T8300 CPUs, 2.4GHz, 4 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 8600M) with a new 500GB SATA drive. Everything seemed to be going fine, but after it rebooted to complete the installation, the computer hung at the white Apple screen (mouse icon kept rotating). Could one of the following be the issue:


1) not using -x for boot option: I had to use -v option to begin the installation

2) set cpus=1: Didn't use this to begin the installation

3) something else entirely


I plan to do another crack at the install with the following packages to install:

- Main System

- PC EFI V9 Bootloader

- AppleDecrypt


- 9.5.0 Kernel voodoo

- APIC driver


- Disabler.kext


Are there any packages I'm missing or anything else I need to know to get the installation to complete properly?

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