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GMA950 no video booting recent install DVDs


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Problem: Booting any 10.5.3+ DVD that loads GMA950 drivers automatically results in a black screen and therefore the OS can't be installed.


I have read up on the issue, and I know that there is an issue with GMA950 laptops where the display is put to sleep at startup. A workaround is to set one of the screen corners to "Sleep display" and use it to force the display to sleep and wake up. However, in order to do that, one needs to have a working installed Mac OS X system.


I was thinking a possible solution would be to boot the DVD in single user mode (-s) and manually remove/unload/delete the AppleIntegratedFramebuffer.kext, then type exit to continue loading. However, I can't find the file anywhere, so I can't delete or kextunload it.


The laptop in question is a Dell Inspiron 640m (e1405). I'm also going to check if my Acer Aspire 5570 has the same problem.


Any input (solutions, people with the same problem) would be appreciated. I'd very much like to install from the iPC OSX86 or iATKOS 5i disc!

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