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iPC 10.5.6 on Gigabyte MA-790X-UD4 (Phenom II 940)


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After I've been fiddling the last 2 days I finally have a running system. It only works in safe mode though, I don't get very far otherwise, the installer won't even start without it.


It's pretty stable, but I'm missing support for my motherboard chipsets (AMD790X/SB750) and the graphics card (Radeon HD4870) which is probably why I have to use safe mode. There's no sound either, but USB appears to be working... at least the hardware is detected.


AHCI is disabled in BIOS, if I activate it the harddisks seem to spin down and won't wake up again.


Guess I will have to wait for SB750 drivers? Or are there any other options?

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