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Ok, for first, call me a noob, It's been 2 days since my installation of ideneb v1.3 10.5.5 on my laptop.

The good news is that i can dual boot Win XP and ideneb using Acronis Os booter. Also everything works perfect apart from sleep even though my laptop has {censored} specifications. When i put the the laptop to sleep a blank screen shows up and then i have to shut down . But its ok. I dont put it to sleep.....Btw ideneb runs very smoothly, just takes some time (10 secs) to run keynote (iWork), but other apps run smooth. :)


Now the real thing. I am in the urge to update, due to iLife. I have a few questions regarding the update to ideneb v1.4 10.5.6.

1.) Will this erase my hard drive?

2.) Do i have to make a new partition in order to install it or it gets installed on the same partion as the old version and REPLACES it? (because the OS takes up 6Gb of my partition)

3.) Will all my hardware work with the new version?

4.) Will my apps be erased or reinstalled with the new version?


If stuff will get erased then what will?


Sorry if these questions have been asked already, its just that i searched the ideneb webpage and it kinda didnt help alot except for telling whats gonna be installed. Plus i saw alot of posts telling that after updating their 10.5.5 they got a grey screen and the OS keeps restarting


oh and here are my {censored} specs if someone needs them to instruct me with something:

CPU: intel core duo 1.73ghz

RAM: 512MB DDR2 667

graphics: Intel GMA 950 128MB

Sound: realtek AC883

Network Adapters: Ethernet: Realtek RTL8168/RTL8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet

Wireless: Gigabyte GN-WI01GT PCI-E WLAN card


Any help will be appriciated,

Thank You! :D

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Don't use an OSX86 install DVD to update your OS.....truth is you probably could but I think it would get messy.


You need to download a 10.5.6 update from Apple and then jump through some hoops to successfully update your system, according to what hardware you have and which patches you are using on your present installation.


Search for "10.5.6 update guide" or something like that on the forums.


A good start is the thread on the news board from when 10.5.6 was released.


You can also try with "10.5.6 yourlaptopmodelname" to see what others with the same hardware have done.


To answer some of your other questions, a 10.5.x update is like a Windows service pack - it updates core system files, drivers and Apple's own apps.

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