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ideneb 10.5.5 boots in safe mode, but not normal


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hello All!


I am complete noobie to the mac/hackintosh world.


After a few permutation combinations, I managed to get the Ideneb v1.3 10.5.5 installed on my 80 external USB HDD and go it to boot in safe mode. However, if I try and boot it Normal, it comes to a point where there is dark gray screen and just the arrow cursor on the screen. For a few seconds - almost half a minute there is hard disk activity while this screen is there, but then it stops and nothing ever happens. The mouse pointer remains mobile and does not freeze. I have to press the restart button on my comp.


When i boot using just the -v, all the text stuff passes by and eventually the same arrow cursor and dark grey screen appears and things don't move any forward.


Since I have no background in using a Mac before, can anyone suggest what steps can I take to diagnose what the problem might be?


here my PC config:

Intel Quad Core Q6600 @ 2.4ghz

MSI P35 Neo mobo (also called the MS7360)

2 GB DDR2 Ram

Nvidia Geforce 7300 GT w/512mb VRAM


Any help would be highly appreciated, I've come so far ...almost there...don't want to give up now!




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