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Grub error 17


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I`ve installed Mac OSX via the Tiger-x86-flat image on a partition (see below). I`ve used DD to dump the image on the sda1 partition (without using skip=63). Then, when I try to boot it, grub says "Error 17". Do I need to install Grub, or something? I`ve tried to install grub on sda1 but it says it`s not a block device.


My partitioning is as following:


	Name		Flags	  Part Type  FS Type		  [Label]		Size (MB)
 sda1		Boot		Primary   Unknown (AF)					 10528.36
 sda5					Logical   Linux swap / Solaris			   608.68
 sda6					Logical   Linux ext3					   68886.72


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