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Mac installer hates my hard drive


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I've tried to install multiple Hac OS X distros to my laptop, but there's a consistent problem: They either can't find my hard drive, or they don't like it and can't write on it.


Most of them don't even see the internal hard drive, which is annoying. One distro saw the hard drive (I believe it was iDeneb, but I'm a little unsure), but I went to repartition it (after backing everything up), and it gave me a write error. (I don't remember the code in particular, sorry!)


Here's my tech specs:

AMD Turion 64 dual-core processor (TL-60) (must work, because it's booted XD)

Broadcom 4328 wireless adapter with bluetooth (Works with Airport in Kalyway installer)

Conexant high-def audio smart (don't care at the moment whether this works, but I don't think it does)

LCD screen, Keyboard, ALPS touch pad (all working)

Toshiba MK2546GSX ATA device (The hard drive)

Slimtype DVD A DS8A1H ATA device (Obviously the DVD drive)

Nvidia Geforce graphics card (has to work, or else I'd not see anything)


I can't find the model number for my motherboard, but I can say that it is (of course) an AMD build and that it's an nVida nForce chipset (that's the ethernet controller and a couple of bus controllers).


The make and model of the computer is HP dv2840se (If any of you out there have it, it's the one with the copper and black finish, 14.1" screen, etc.)


BTW, I can get the installers to recognize an external hard drive connected via USB, and I've installed it into there and used it, but there's two problems with that setup:

A ) What use is a laptop if you have to sit at a desk to use it?

B ) I often forget when I have a backup program running to the connected hard drive, and I just unplug the thing. You could see how it'd be a problem unplugging the root filesystem...



Found the motherboard model: Wistron 30D6 81.53, Nvidia nForce 560 chipset (revision A2)

BIOS are Hewlett-Packard Version F.24

CPU has both SSE2 and SSE3

A couple of 2 gigabyte Ram DIMMs, both Hyundai electronics



If this isn't enough information, message me or reply about it (but I think I have more there than eneeded).



The problem lies with the Wistron 30D6 motherboard. I found a couple of other posts on this website



That have the same problem, although the laptop model is different.

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