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Intel Q9550 running @ 700-900mhz...?!?!?!?

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Gigabyte EP45-DS5

Intel Q9550@4ghz (4ghz in bios) speedstep e.t.c is turned of in bios

4x2gb DDR2 6400mhz



iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6

LS8 kexts pack v15 for P45 chipset.





What heck is going on ?


There is an option to install a "Generic Cpu Powermanagment tool" when installing the iDeneb dist...it also told me that the cpu was running low. However I thought that mabye that app was screwing up my cpu speed. So removed it with "AppZapper", but everything is still the same.


Anyone has any idea what so ever...help would be much apreciated.

I want to turn of any scaling of any kind...I would like for it run att full speed.

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Well...it seemed to be either the smbioses and/or the "thermal management" kext files supplied in the LS8 pack.

Since I had problems with the voodoo kernel in the iDeneb release did a reinstall, this time installed only the audio, usb and acpi kext files en left everything else as is. It´s working perfectly fine this time....haven´t done any benchmarks yet thoug, but in any case it feelse better to se that the system and apps recognizes my cpu speed right

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