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hy i've prented all the 54 pages of


because i want to buy a laptop more similar to hw of a macbook..

but that topic was started in 2006.. and it have been pasta lot of water under the bridge!!


now i see that a beautiful config is minimum

with a 45nano processor.. then starting from Intel 7xxx version and more

with invidia 8400gs.. or 9300 .. that are munted into a macbook

with broadcom wifi..


but i don't know what is the motherboard/chipset (minimum 1066fsb) that is more similar to the macbook..


ANOTHER problem of that topic is that it's very important to describe if the audio is fully working or not


then.. i've an acer (5930g or 6930g) and is working fine.. webcam is full hd.. perfect and native drivers..

is ich9 (ok in mac)

have a P7350 (proc unknown but is working fine )

have fsb 1066.. very good!

has esata.. usb.. slot sdcard.. all is fine!


but for example audio is alc888/s/t and nobody (nor taruga.. nor the king) was able to solve the mate!

then.. i consider to sell mine.. and buy another one..


but what?

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