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hfs+ partition error


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I've googled the hell out of this, got some pretty interesting results, but all I found was osx86 and windows installed on separate partitions on the same hard drive. I have two hard drives, one of them with Windows XP on it is 250gb with only the one partition, the other hard drive is 1tb, 100gb is dedicated to osx86, and the other partition is blank space. OSX installed fine, its just not booting. hfs+ partition error. I choose which hard drive to boot off from at the post screen and select what I want to boot from.


I don't think this is the reason, but I guess I would never know because I haven't tried it (1 in the morning), but the Windows HDD is the one I set in bios to boot from primarily, if I changed that to boot from OSX HDD, maybe it'll work; its something I can try tomorrow, but something tells me thats not what it is.


Oh yeah, as of right now, I can still boot into xp, so I'm not locked out of it like I see people with only one harddrive having trouble with.


I blogged my entire experience tonight trying to install this if you guys are interested in the process I was in:


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