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Some Quick Questions!


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Hi Folks,


I finally managed to get OS X 10.5.6 installed on an AMD Phemon II 940 based system. Its not great yet, but its a start :P At the moment I have these problems:


* I have to boot with no graphics kext. (see question below)

* The sound card is recognised in system profiler, but I can't select it in the control panel so I have no sound (I got it recognised by blanket installing all ACL888* kexts. I need to figure out which one it is.

* My network card is recognised, but I can't enable it.

* It also looks like I need a SATA driver, or the SATA HD icon fix as the hard drive icon is currently showing as an external drive.


On the plus side, it boots, I can log in to the desktop and my on board (Realtek RTL8211B PHY) network card seems to work.


1) I have read from older posts that shared memory graphics cards, such as the integrated GeForce 8200 on my Abit motherboard isn't supported - can someone clarify that this is still the case? If it is I will pick up a GeForce 9800GTX+ next month :)


2) Are there any reports of Phemon II's working in multi-core mode? I currently have to boot with cpus=1 using the Voodoo 9.5.0 kernel. Are there any groups working on this?


3) How do I remove kexts so I can slowly go though the ACL888 kexts to see which one is driving my chipset?


4 Final Question :-) Do I have to worry about AMD binary patchers or anything? I don't really know what these are...


Important Hardware:


Abit A-N78HD Motherboard (ALC888 audio chipset, Realtek RTL8211B PHY network chipset, GeForce 8200 IGPU )

Abit AirPace PCI-E Wireless Card (Atheros AR5006EG or AR5007EG chipset)

AMD Phenom II 940 BE

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Yes you need to get a graphics card. To remove .kexts (kernel extensions) go to /System/Library/Extensions - there they are. If you delete or modify extensions, delete /System/Library/Extensions.mkext - this will cause the extensions cache to be rebuilt.


About AMD patchers - yes, you sometimes need to use one, Marvin's AMD Utility


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