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Performance N270 vs. N280 ( running OS X 0.5.6)


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I would like to know the performance difference between the N270 and the N280 CPU.


The N280 is clocked at 1,66Ghz, as the N270 is clocked at 1,60Ghz.

The FSB of the N280 is at about 662 or 667Mhz instead of the 550(?) FSB of the N270.


Further more the N280 CPU is running on 2W instead of 2.5W. So it has less power consumption.


I tried to inform myself, but I got 2 different viewpoints of it.


On one side they say you can definitely feel the performance difference


On the other side people say, that the performance difference isn´t that big and it is not neccesary to get a new netbook just because of the small performance jump. They do also say that you can get the same performance of the N280 on your N270 with overclocking it just a few %.




What do you think?

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