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Comprehensive guide to the DG33TL:

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I just updated the wiki on this board, but I thought it might be helpful if I posted it as well. This may be useful for similar Intel Boards as well.


My Setup:


Intel DG33TL

ATI 4850 512mb

2gb 800mhz Ram

Hitachi 250gb SATA HD


Dynatec Wireless G


Not sure what other info to post, but here is how I got it all working. :)


Using iDeneb 10.5.6


You MAY be able to use other builds to accomplish the same things, but this is the only one I've tested.





This part was actually pretty easy, although I could find no documentation on how to do it. In the customization menu under Ethernet, just select Intel 82566DC. Yup, the driver is included. It doesn't appear to function at full speed, but it works.



I actually found this out from a unanswered post at another forum, but the guy was right. At the customization menu under chipsets, select the one for VIA. Tested on my DVD-RW drive, but it should work as well for HD's.



I actually use a Logitech Z-10 (which uses USB) for my audio, but this will help you if you are stuck with the base audio. Kext for onboard soundcard can be found here.



I use the a Broadcom driver for the wireless and Nektas' 10.5.7 drivers (and his patch) for my 4850 card.





Hopefully this helps someone out. PM me if you have any questions :)

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