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problem with installation of nvdriver.kext


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today I installed the nvdriver.kext with the posted installer without success. After I rebootet I have got following messages:



kextload: /System/Library/extensions/NVDriver.kext loaded successfully

kextload: /System/Library/extensions/NVidiaHAL.kext loaded successfully

NV: Analog Device On Output A :No

NV: Analog Device On Output B :No

NV: CRTC 0 is currently progammed for DFP

NV: Using DFP on CRTC 0

NV: Panel max size is 1280 x 800

NV: Panel is LVDS


...Login Window Application Started


so far so good, but the login screen does not appear.


I tried -x with no success so I tried to remove the installed files and try the next howto.

(I have got a NVIDIA GeForce 6800 go [sony Vaio Notebook])

At the end of the last howto I found a post where someone had the same failure and he did it after reading this howto:




but this one did not work for me too. (same error)


I am sure it is just something I made wrong and not realy an error, but I can not find out.


I woult be very gratefull if someone could help me.


Thanks in advance


Marcel (sorry for my bad english)

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I got it working great with the script found on these forums to install the nvdrivers

However, My Monitor's native resolution is 1280x768, but it is not listed in the list of resolutions.

There seems to be everything else but this one.

I have tried booting with "Graphics Mode"="1280x768x32@60" but it just seems to revert to 1024x768


Any Ideas?



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