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eeepc 900 SSD RAID /sbin/launchd kernel panic

pho bos

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I installed iDeneb 1.4 on my eeepc with external USB Disk. First of all, the 900 runs great with iDeneb 1.4. WebCam, Keyboard, Pad and the Intel GMA works OOTB. The sad part of my success Story is, that I have only a 4GB and 8GB SSD in the netbook. The second 8GB model is slow and the Installed System on it was't fast enough for me. So I tried out to split the Installation onto the two SSD's like /System /var on the fast 4GB SSD and the rest on the slow 8GB SSD. This doesn't work for me, I used the /etc/fstab but with no luck.

In the next step I created a RAID with the two Disks and copied the USB Installation onto the new RAID Drive. Installed Chameleon with the special Options for RAID drives and put the UUID of the RAID in the com.apple.Boot.plist <string>boot-uuid=AE0*****-****-****-****-**********</string>.


When I boot my eeepc 900 now the grey Apple Boot screen comes up but then I got a kernel panic. I think the main Problem is: "Process 1 exec of /sbin/launchd failed. errno 2"


I use Kernel Version 9.5.0


Could anybody help me getting this "little" Problem out of the World.






P.S: If you need help getting iDeneb 1.4 working on an eeepc 900 you could ask me

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