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I wanted to dual boot Vista and OS X, but ran into a few problems. I spent a long time on each problem, and eventually got by it but i've now hit a brick wall.


I installed OS X and i can now boot it up, but only from the Boot 132 disk that i have. I have tried to install chameleon but every time i do, it does nothing. My computer will try to boot up as normal and then OS X will tell me to restart.


Also, (magically) half of my hard drive (which i had partitioned for Vista) is unusable. I admitted defeat at one stage and was going to install vista, but i could only install it on half of my hard drive. I then formatted it, (using linux because windows said it couldn't do it), to ntfs. And then Vista said it couldn't use that partition.


So what i have now is a computer with OS X, that i have to boot with Boot 132 (which takes forever) and that has no sound drivers.


Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Anything will be greatly appreciated


Thanks ;)

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Personally if this was me, I would repartition the whole drive, and start from scratch. From my small bit of experience on this, I also will suggest you use 2 separate drives. I had the same problem at some time (had to boot from CD to get in) and after a complete repartition and install all works well now. I was also able to run Win7 with OSX dual boot, but on separate drives.

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try with this installer chameleon


If you use the package up or do a manual installation, should have no problem. The secret is to use the fdisk command included in the binary packages Chameleon. The installer was made up by taking this precaution.


Installs only the boot volume and boot1h selected, and the MBR boot0, recording only the initial 440 bytes to avoid damaging the boot of Windows 7 and Vista. It also makes active the selected partition (for partitions and MBR hybrid MBR).


Useful for when you need to reinstall Chameleon (Windows installation in dual boot).


by OldNapalm

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