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urgent help with iakatos


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i tried to install iatkos 4.1 and iatkos 5

i have some problems with video card and keyboard

after installing "4.1" my keboard was not working

i tried reinstalling again with other kernel and it worked

but my video card was kinda stupid with the drivers that i selected

i could not open a photo application cause my video is low...

i tried to select other driver but i got black screen after install

than i tried iatkos 5 the same result no keyboard and cant create username

im using a PC:

intel dual core 1.60 ghz

2 gb ram

pci nvidia 7300 GT 256 ddr3

2 sound cards that worked fine

network marvel yukon worked fine with internet connected all time


so please help me what can i select from the custom install to get drivers with my video

card and keyboard on iakatos

and what kernel

thank you :rolleyes:

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None, don't pick anything in the video section.


Concentrate on getting a working, booting system. You can always install a video injector or device property string when the OS is up and running.

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now i cant even boot from the dvd

i had some errors on my partitions because of the reset and force shut down

i fixed them with a partition manager by formating the one with errors

when i insert the dvd i press enter and it starts loading from dvd and after 1 minute it shut downs

i tried to boot in -v and i noticed some errors

and after a short time "system halted by root"

here is a picture


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mmm...not good.


Try re-burning the DVD. I don't know what's wrong.


its not the dvd :wallbash:

i burned them yesterday and dont have any scratch and they worked fine before the partition error

i keep geting this errors with all osx x86 iakatos 4.1 and 5 and others

what should i do ?

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I'm curious about the "80-conductor cable" messages - those are the IDE cables connecting your P-ATA devices to your motherboard.


Check that these cables are firmly plugged in to the drives and the motherboard.


If the connections are fine and you are using antique DMA-33 style IDE cables, you should really get some 80-conductor cables instead.

80-conductor cables have better RF noise isolation and allow for faster data transfer speeds.


It's fine that you got your keyboard working but you will have problems when using PS2 keyboard and USB mouse at the same time.

You need to use either one or the other. I would buy a USB keyboard.

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That's all I ever do around here :P


i did it with iatkos or iakatos whatever named version 4

i only selected video drivers and network drivers

i got full video working

keyboard and mouse working perfectly(usb mouse-ps/2keyboard)

and sound

so im saying that it worked perfectly

no bugs,no errors

so this version is good and perfect for me

version 5i didnt work

so what tha hack

go x86 :)

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