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Screwed up my recovery disk. HELP?

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So I've got ideneb fully running 10.5.6 on my inspiron 1525. Everything works like a charm, minus the touchpad scroll and the left earphone.

But of course, I had to mess with it. I formatted my RECOVERY D: drive (windows vista recovery) into osx extended journaled so that I had more room to store my games and whatnot for the mac half of my laptop. It worked, I was playing games, turned it off for the night, turned it back on this morning.

No operating system found.

So I try fixmbr, and fixboot, neither work.

The thing is, I can start up OSX or Vista BUT the ideneb cd has to be in the drive to do so.

Short of reinstalling vista, which I don't really want to do, what else can be done?

I try rebuildbcd, won't work.

I tried using easybcd to fix the mbr, won't even start cause it keeps trying to reset the MBR and doesn't find system files. Help?


UPDATE = I ran diskpart and now vista will boot, but I get a "chain boot error" when I try to run osx. Solutions?

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