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Newb needs driver help


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Im new to osx86 and need a little help. I just downloaded iPC osx86 10.5.6 universal ppf5 final. I plan to install it on my external HDD. I have previously installed osx86 4.9 and got it to boot fine, but had no sound, bad resolution, and not internet. Im sure its b/c i installed the wrong drivers. So before i install the new version i need to know which drivers, patches, kernels, etc... to install. PLEASE HELP! The list is so massive and i get lost in it. my system is a home build and is kinda dated.


my mobo is ASUS p4p-800e deluxe (i use onboard sound (AC97) and ethernet (Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010.))


Video card: nvidia 6600 256mb (not GT)


Any help is appreciated

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