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VMWare writing to image, not actual XP partition (Dual Boot)

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I've read the " How to use your hackintosh real windows partition", and it worked.

I have an XP partition I use for dual booting. I got this to load in VMWare perfectly.

However, after using the VMware XP for a few months now, installed software, modified documents, I booted up into XP natively, and realized the two were completely different.

XP Natively was how I left it months ago.. and I realized there was a VMWare Boot Camp Partition IMage of about 5.5 gigs on my drive... so everything was being installed and modified on that, not the actual XP partition itself.


Anyway to have the two 'synchronized' ? I'd like a change I do in VMWare while running XP to show up when I launch XP natively.


I followed the steps mentioned before the create my own vmdk file pointing to the XP partition.

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