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another nab needs help >_<


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ok first off sorry if this is in the wrong section i honestly looked around and have no idea where to post.


i am trying to install the OSX86 IAtkos or LEO4All and neither will install for me


this is my computers specs


amd athlon 64 X2 dual 6000+ 3.1 ghz


4 gigs of ram windows xp only seen 3 but it is 4


two ati HD 4350 video cards


bio star Tseries ta790gx


i know AMD AND ATI exactly what shouldnt be used from what i have read

well i really would like to have the OSX86 work for me but i cant seem to do it alone

so if anyone has any input suggestions or recommendation please tell me


Thank You


(again sorry if this is the wrong section)

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