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dual boot w/ XP on laptop causes major problems. Help?

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OK, I've been researching this issue, to no avail. If anyone can help me, I'd much appreciate it.


I'm trying to dual boot my laptop, HP dv2130US, with a C2D processor, Intel 950, ICH7..... Here's my problem:


I used partition magic to reduce my WinXP partition and create a new Fat32 partition. That went fine. rebooted WinXP and used it several times to make sure it was ok with the new partition size. Just fine, no problems whatsoever.


Then I loaded iDeneb 10.5.6, used disk util to erase/reformat the Fat32 partition to HFS+ and installed OSx86. Again, that went fine. Chameleon bootloader offers the choice of OS's. no problem. MacOS loads and runs no problem. :smoke:


But when I boot into WindowsXP the problems start. Each time I use WinXP it degrades and errors more and more, until after about the 5th bootup it's so corrupted that it's unusable. Each time I boot to WinXP the chkdsk utility kicks in and finds and repairs a bunch of orphaned file fragments. The Event system log shows Disk I/O paging file and iaStor errors. I've tried this on 3 different hard drives with the same result, so there's nothing wrong with the disk itself.


I've also tried reinstalling WinXP afterwards, but it doesn't help. One time it reinstalled, but still had the corruption issue, another time it told me there were no hard drives found. It seems WinXP just doesn't want to run right with the HFS+ partition existing on the hard drive, even though it is on a totally different partition. Yet MacOS86 continues to run just fine.


Anyone have any ideas? I'll try anything at this point.

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