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DUal Core Slow down, what can I do?


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Ok, I got an Intel 5600 1.83 COre 2 duo proc in my Inspiron E1705,

Whenever i boot up, the system tends to hang, i'll be able to move the mouse smoothly for maybe 10 seconds, then after that it'll only move every 5-10 seconds.


THe only way i've found to get around this and run the os smoothly is by typing cpus=1 at the boot prompt


Is there anyway around this?

Can i get both cores working in leopard or am I stuck cups=1 for the rest of my life?




Btw Install method was iAtKOS 5i


Ok for anyone who wants to know how to fix this problem, i found the answer right now



scroll down a bit and it talks about graphical stuttering

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