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Hi there everyone, I was just starting this topic because I know there are other people on this site that have an HP pavilion dv6871us and I wanted to start this so that I could share my success and see what everyone else with this laptop has accomplished.


I used the beta 10.5.5 installer and this is what I have working:


Wireless: nope of course ;)


Graphics: works great cept no dual monitor at the moment, using nvinject


Keyboard: works


NIC: works great


Sound: works great using Tauguras installer1 the quick touch buttons work fine, but the mute doesn't actually mute it, and MIC works


Touchpad: works but scroll bar does not as of the moment


Webcam: works fine in photobooth, and Ichat


Battery: Works great charge meter is accurate


Bluetooth mini dongle: works kind of? (I actually discovered a qurik with the bluetooth, when it stops working and I reboot into windows where it works then i restart in osx it works again.)


Overall: Everything works great... I have actually started using it quite frequently.. having wireless would be cool but its not nessisary because I have a wireless usb dongle... slow as {censored} but it works for the time being... plus it forces me to use ethernet wich is faster anways...


Please let me know if anyone else has sucess with any other components of this laptop I love my Hackintosh

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