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Whats the easyest way install OSx86? + Newbie questions=)


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Im a long time mac user and have grown seriously tired of running Vista on my Desktop. 


Thus i thought id try out OSx86 since my bro told me it was the shizzle.


Im running a Core2Duo on a P5N32-E SLI (nvidia 680i) with a 8800GTS gfx card.




Basicly, what i want, is a system as good as on my iBook (been working flawless for 5 years).


Reading through a few guids im getting more confused that wise. I get that i cant use EFI, since i dont have a intel chipset right? Also, what kind of "distro" do i want? I have downloaded something called iDeneb, apparently with Leopard. Is this good? And more important, does it look 100% like Mac OS-X without any custom loadingscreens etc?


I aslo need to "have" Windows XP/Vista from time to time, to use programs like Autodesk Alias and 3DStudioMax. Is possible through emulation on os-x, or do i need a complete dual-boot set up?




Im sorry for the newb questions, but i have tried as best i can to read whats on this forum, and its ALOT of good info, just maybe a bit high on the learningcurve for me yet=)


I hope there is someone kind enough to help me=)

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