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HDD Access from OSx + WinXP

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Hey there,

I finally managed to install iPC 10.5.6 to my Dell Dimension 8400. yeahh! :)

I have these hardware HDDs:

1. IDE 80gb

Partition1 40gb: Win XP Pro (NTFS)

Partition2 40gb: Mac OS X (OS X Extended)

2. SATA1 200gb

Partition1 200gb: NTFS

2. SATA1 200gb

Partition1 200gb: NTFS

Now you should already see my problem


At the moment I have 150gb TrueCrypt Container files on each of the data HDDs.

I installed MacFuse+NTFS-3g. So far its working.

But I'm not able to mount my containers.


I would repartition one of the data HDDs.


I again would like to have one big container file, which is mountable in both OS.


Which filesystem is the best to work on both OS?

in general and regarding the encryption...


thanks in advance


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