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Ati EAX1950 PRO (ASUS) Working ( though strange crash )


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Hi there...


I have a ati eax1950 pro graphics card ( 7244 ) ... on a Leopard 10.5.2(9c7010), so i used Bronya method ( since that is 7280 ) .. but system crashes when i reboot .

Anyway i used Bronyas method and added 7244 to the device driver file ..but then the kernel panics...


by mistake i booted with " -v "graphics mode"="1024x768" and it worked ( no panic ) .... everything is running perfectly ... ( qe working ) ...


maybe it helps someone ... who has problems. .. or if there is a better way to avoid the kernel panic maybe somebody can help me ... anyway... at least everything works even if i have to start it with that boot argument....


best regards

rock on

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