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Postflight script error

Jason Mayhem

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Hi there peeps i have a trouble with my Ideneb 1.3 (i have tried this morning 1.4 but im a bit disapointed ,no sleep,bug to the restart,need a fix just for mounting a dmg ...)


But execpt that "Postflight script error" my 1.3 work 100% well exactly as a pc and im happy with it...


But :



My problem is when i try to install a programme "Cubase AI oem" to the end of the install i see this message: "impossible to run Postflight script"


end this happened only WITH IDENEB 1.3 ,this morning i have tried that "cubase instalation" on Ideneb 1.4 it work,kaliway (all release) it work,Ipc it work... :rolleyes:



So there my question, anyone have any fix for this on Ideneb 1.3 as the "carbon lib fix.pkg" you know?


Thanks in advance for answers

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