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Folder and Question Mark on startup with sounds HELP!


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Well i got this White macbook (late 2006 model i think) , my friend wants me to fix it for him.


He just turned it on and you would get a few noises ( for cd drive or HDD?) then like kind of welcome sound i guess. then in like 2 minutes i get a blinking folder with a question mark. Then it turns off after a while.


what can i do ? I really don't want to take it to an apple store cuz that is really far away.


Original Cds are lost.


Can i download a copy from a torrent and burn it using my pc?(OSX leopard 10.5.6?) I'm pretty sure it has tiger on it. can i download leopard and reformat the hard drive and install that?


PLZ PLZ help. i need this done ASAP



PS: i already have a OSX Leopard 10.5.6 .dmg on my pc. that is 6.7 gig. will i have to burn it onto a dual layer dvd? ( i can do that) with what program though ?

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