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I'm searching for a music player that is able to play (unprotected) .WMA files. I already tried:

  • ITunes doesn't even import the WMA files
  • Cog doesn't even import/open the WMA files
  • Songbird opens the WMA files, but reports an "internal data stream error" when trying to play one - even with QuickTime Playback Addon installed
  • Quicktime player plays WMA files (i installed WM Components/Flip4Mac WMV) but is too minimalistic (no playlist!)

Converting all my WMA => MP3 is no option, because I have 10K+ files and need the WMA ones.


Is there a way to install a codec for the audio players? Or one that supports WMA?



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I tried Winamp over Crossover and it's very slow..


VLC would be fine if the music didn't stop for a second when I minimize a window..


My specs:


ATI HD 2600 Pro

Quartz enabled

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