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iDeneb_v1.4_10.5.6 NVIDIA NFORCE 6 630i /w Geforce 9500GT


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I have tried to install both iDeneb_v1.4_10.5.6 and iPC's 10.5.6 release (with and without nforce patch)


iPC fails at the boot loader and reboots with no chance for writing the error message down. <- I gave up on.


iDeneb_v1.4_10.5.6 makes it to the loading screen and gets the still waiting for root device error.


I'm using a Gateway DX4720-03 w/ AMI BIOS.


I've seen suggestions to change the SATA MODE in BIOS, this isn't an option for me. The BIOS has it greyed out. I can't upgrade the BIOS, nor find a modified version allowing SATA MODE changes.


The Motherboard in the machine is an MSI MS-7339 (Nforce 6 630i/Geforce 7100) which I can find nothing for anywhere on the internet except a few scattered message boards discussing SATA issues with this same problem but dealing with Windows XP installs.


I refuse to believe there isn't a single person on this planet that hasn't found a work around, a hacked bios to get ANY OSX86 release to run on this hardware.


I am literally at my whits end over this. countless coasters and reboots.


So I would like whatever help you can render, and if there is no help out there I want someone that KNOWS the situation on this issue to tell me to cut my losses and GIVE UP on OS X PERIOD. Or I want some kind of solution.


I see so many people on these message boards with issues, and so many that have successful installs but I see no one that has my issue or a way around it. It's disheartening. And some of these technical threads claiming to have workarounds are so horribly constructed as to make reading them a chore that numbs the mind and wounds the soul.


Please Help me. My e-mail address is cannabisleo@gmail.com


I don't expect e-mail, I don't expect any replies, I don't expect any help. I truly think no one on this planet knows or has a method to get around this that works. Prove me wrong.

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Like I thought, no ideas, no suggestions, no one that knows anyone that has a workaround, no one that knows someone with this chipset. Looks like I'm SOL on this one.


If anyone knows a distro that works on a SATA MODE forced to RAID. Help a brother out.

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