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Finally landed on a distro, have questions


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Hello, all,


This is my first (real) post here on insanelymac, and I accept that I am a newb when it comes to Mac OS, so please bear with me if I ask dumb questions, and I probably have at least one of those.


My system specs:


core 2 duo e6750 2.6 ghz no overclock

asus p5k e motherboard

nvidia 9600 gso

80 GB SATA drive


So, I finally downloaded iATKOS, hearing that you can update the system by apple update without having your system completely bricked. Well, I tried this, and no damage came, except for that Safari refused to load, and I could not mount images anymore without the system locking completely. So I reinstalled the system, fearing what else might be broken, and have not upated since. Is there a way around this? I am thinking that is is my hardware, which is, in one place, a little odd.


Second question, I have downloaded iTunes 8.1, and when I try to use cover flow, there is no cover flow, and there is no visualizer. I downloaded the 9 series driver installer v2 for nvidia cards, and that let me use both my displays, and let me use my montor's native reslution, and enabled quartzGL. Nothing worked. Is there a fix for this, too?


Those two problems aside, I have not have any problems, and love the OS. Nice and shiny, and at the same time, very flexible.


Any help is appreciated.




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