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File Associations Lost in Backup


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Okay, I think I committed a grievous stupid. I backed up my OSX Journaled hard drive to an NTFS drive (or was that FAT32?). All the files made it to the backup, and now the backup is all I've got. So now, when I try to open a Digital Performer project from Finder, it opens Terminal.app instead. When I try to open the file from within Digital Performer, it is greyed out and Performer refuses to open it. I have tried "Open With ... ", but all it does is open Digital Performer -- no project!


I understand that I lost the metadata when I copied the files over to the non-Mac file system. My question is: can I get it back? Or is there some way of reassociating these files with Digital Performer? I created a new project with performer to check and see, and sure enough, its project files do not have an extension, so I can't just add an extension to the file name.



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