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Gigabyte P35-DQ6


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I tried to install the iPC version of osx86 on my computer but I still got an error at the latest 2 minutes of the installation. My pc reboots and cant get in osx.


I think I misselected a few of the patches and information, can someone help me?


I got a Intel Quad core Q6600 and ATI HD 2900 Pro.


Thx in advance!


Tried the search ang genious bar and still no solution :s

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My configs were:


Kernel: none


Video: ATI HD 2900


Chipset: Intel ICHX SATA


Audio: ALC 889A


Ethernet: Realtek R1000


USB: Patched USB Driver


Fix, Patch: SATA icon fix, Shutdown/restart, Dualboot time sync, PS/2 fix, AppleSMBIOSEFi, SMBIOS resolver.


Applications: All

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