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Looking for new Intel Motherboard

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I have a asus maximous formula.

I got my OSX 10.5.6 to work virtually perfectly.

I do some graphic, and visualization, so i upgraded to 8gb of ram instead of my 4gb i had.

If anyone know about my current MOBO it doesn't like 90% of ram.

I installed my ram into my mobo, booted to osx and Kernal panic. now my windows 64 bit wont even work. (may be my fault cause i had a hacked version of vista which i uninstalled.


so I went back to my orginal 2x2gb sticks. still couldnt boot into windows. I havent had a chance to try to reinstall osx.

Yes i ran mem test 0 errors.


I need to get a new MoBo that will support my new ram.

I have a Intel Q6600, ATI HD3850, 8gb geli black dragon ram.


If anyone can tell me a good extremely compatable MoBo, I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you in advance. I am not opposed to switching i Amd, but i would prefer to keep my current processor.


Thank you again,


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