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Anyone got a fully working Asus 1000HA/HE with OSx86?


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I've got Leo retail 10.5.7installed on a 1000HA.


Everything works except WiFi (I have the Atheros card but have a Broadcom on the way). I haven't installed the hotkeys enabler yet as it's not perfect but I likely will. The function keys mostly work like on a Mac (spaces, expose) and brightness also works on the expected function keys, but not sound adjustment.


The other niggle is that there's no trackpad control/preference pane.

The trackpad has two finger vertical scrolling out of the box and you can tap-click (one finger) as well as secondary-tap click (three fingers). It's a tad oversensitive but, IMO, it's a matter of getting used to.


The major hurdles for me were downgrading the bios to 1103 while Windows was installed, getting chameleon onto the destination drive and, after the OS install was complete, installing ONLY the proper, needed kexts after updating to 10.5.7. I had to reinstall twice because I borked the install with the wrong kexts trying to improve functionality intended for custom distros.


This is the site you want to check out for help and tutorials: http://ipis-osx.wikidot.com/

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