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GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3L NV7600GS iDeneb 1.4


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Install works fine from DVD.

Does not boot from the disk. Can load from Vista boot loader but gets the wrong drive number. Have to manaully change it at boot. (where is this set?)

Or can boot by using the DVD as the loader? Does this stop my EFI strings from getting loaded?

Able to get ethernet and audio working

unable to get the NV7600GS card to draw more then the default res.

Put the EFI string in but no process.


Trying to get iDeneb working and then intend to proceed with retail.



I have the following


NV7600GS 256MB

iDeneb 1.4

2 x 2GB ram

Ubuntu Linux x64, Vista Business, and iDeneb 1.4 all installed on separate disks.



Tried the install with just the single drive in but still won't boot.

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