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why is my combo not supported?


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hi everyone, first time posting, long time lurking. I have built my "hackintosh" with compatible parts that i have researched on here and messed with the bios, got my computer to boot leopard using the 132-boot method,using the p35 disk to be exact. and well it goes pretty far like it asks the language, the asks witch harddrive, then check the disk for cosistincy and rite after that it says something like " system combo unrecognizable". can anyone help me with that? here are my comp specs. thank you!


mobo: ga-ep45-ds3L


processor: intel Q6600 quad core


video card: Evga 9800gtx


hard drive: Seagate barracuda 1tb 32mb buffer


ram: 1 stick of 2 gb Corsair Xms2


dvd player: pioneer dvd+r burner


power supply: cooler master extreme power plus 500watt

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