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Xcode, Subversion, and directory behaviour

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Hi all.


I have a Google code project using SVN. I've decided to try out portability work for mac-type development, so I now have a hackintosh partition with Xcode. I've added the project's SVN repo to my Xcode project. The project has project files for Xcode, Eclipse, and Microsoft Visual Studio, each in their own directory, and the source lives in a directory above these. The problem is that in my Xcode project's "SCM" section, it seems to only want to show those files in the repo that are at the level of the xcode project and not at the level of the trunk that I've checked out. To me this assumption is bad, because I can only commit changes to the xcode project and not the source.


If anyone knows of a workaround to this, I'd be very happy to hear it. Thanks for your time.

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