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graphics, sleep and shutdown...im offering studio help 17


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i have a studio 1737 and i am very close to a completely perfect install.. can anyone help me with my graphics card which is the ATI radeon mobility 3650 HD... i have looked at the main thread for this and i downloaded the file yet it kept crashing my kernel so that wasn't working...


can anyone help me with fixing my sleep because when i press sleep, the computer just feezes.. aswell i cannot shutdown because it appears with a kernel panic.. the panic says due to applehda.kext which i had to add a new one to fix my audio... i have tried a few fixes for the sleep but i cant get it to work...


if anyone wants help getting their studio 17 audio working then i will help and i will also help if you want a battery meter at the top.


if anyone can help i would be so grateful to fix any one of these problems...


i am running ideneb 10.5.6 using kernel voodoo. please help

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