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Best Firewire Card


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So I am going to try to buy an iSight, but I do not have a firewire card on my desktop. I was wondering what one is the best to buy for os x? and also I run windows XP 64bit on my other hard drive, so it needs to be compatible with both.


Or, is there such a thing as a USB iSight? (aside from the built in one of macbook pro, which is integrated USB)


Or, another camera that is of comparable quality to iSight that is USB.


I have been having tons of problems getting macam working on my hackintosh, so don't sugget anything that requires that to work. I need out of the box OS X support. Macam DID work for my creative webcam instant, now it doesn't and I need a new webcam anyways.


Thanks for any help!

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