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Installation failed


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Alright so first thing I'll post is my specs


AMD 6000+ Dual Core 3.0GHz


MSI k9n-sli platinum motherboard


2gb of ram


Nvidia 8800GT (XFX)


With two dvd drives ( one light scribe)






I tried a bunch of stuff on how to get OS X to even install but everytime I get to "about a minute" it pops up and says "Install Failed".


I am using the iPC osx86 universal 10.5.6



the error is if I remember...something with the /extensions/ folder


I'm on my laptop and i need this computer up by tomorrow since I go to school on it.



any hints?





EDIT: I just ran the cd to install ONLY the OS (obv it wont boot but I wanted to see if it would install all the way.) and it installed all the way. I am pretty sure I am installing the right things like the Voodoo kernel and the audio drivers ect ect but I jsut dont know wahts wrong =[

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