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how about a nice bootloader

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Well, Hello all,


As i see it now, i see something i don't want to see starting up my system....



it is my bootloader ( in my case Grub, but also chamelion, for loading osx, i can choose both.


what i actually want to see is a nice bootloader, something that makes it a nice screen, but i have no clue on how to do that.

does any of you know a nice way of showing bootscreens?


I read something about chameleon 2 bootloader

( see: chameleon.osx86.hu/images/23.png )



i only have no clue on how to get that running


as from what i see is that it is to be released, yet i want to know if there is already something on the market that makes your bootscreen nice.

i've been seerching through this forum, but can't seem to find anything about giving your boot screen somne nice pictures.


maybe i can't find it through the cryptic pages in x-labs, that is a possibility, but can someone point me in the rigt direction?


Thnx in advance.

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