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HFS+ Partition Error - Tried everything.


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Ok... heres an explanation of my setup:



rdisk0s1-Windows XP

rdisk0s2-Mac OSX 10.5.6

rdisk0s3-Windows 7

rdisk0s4-File store


After installing windows 7 and having a play I set the mac osx partition to be active using gparted but received a hfs partition error. So I went through terminal on the OSX install dvd and tried out the following commands a few times:


fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0


fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
f 2


I then received a blinking cursor for some time. I've since tried to unmount disk0s2 and entered this command:


dd if=boot1h of=/dev/disk0s2 bs=512 count=1


which said it had wrote.


However i'm not sure this would have done anything because previous posts say I should have copied files from usr/standalone/i386 to the same files on the harddrive. But being as though i'm still unable to access my osx partition this is not possible.


I downloaded the startupfiletool and burned it to a disc but I can't eject my cd when using the osx install disc to enter terminal.


Currently... I get HFS+ Partition error again when trying to boot. I'm unable to try out any of the bless commands etc because i'm not sure how I can copy the files needed to the harddrive. I've tried using simple cd commands as described here:


diskutil unmount disk0s2
cd /volumes/OSX86inst/usr/standalone/i386
dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 bs=512 count=1
/volumes/ToolsDVD/startupfiletool -v /dev/rdisk0s2 boot
bless -device /dev/disk0s2 -setBoot -verbose
diskutil mount disk0s2
bless -mount /volumes/OSX86/ -setBoot -verbose


The volumes didn't seem to work and again I cannot access my ToolsDVD disc as I cannot eject the disc during terminal from osx disk install.


Could someone please help me? I have a feeling my partition table is extremely broken.


I really need my OS X install back as they're are important files on there.


Can someone please help me? I've been trying everything honestly!

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