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USB mouse doesn't work under 10.5.6


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So I've tried looking everywhere for a solution to this problem, but so far I haven't found anything. So I installed 10.5.6 using different methods, and if I don't install the ps2fix, my trackpad and keyboard don't work. However, if I install the ps2fix, my usb mouse doesn't work! everything else I plug into the usb port works fine, i.e. harddrives, flash drives, etc, but any usb mouse i plug into it won't work? I also tried the IOUSBfamily fix to see if that'll do anything. But still a no go. I have an:


hp dv9700 series laptop

core 2 duo T8100

4gb ram

nvidia geforce 8600


This is extremely annoying cause I prefer to use a usb mouse over the trackpad for the various programs I use under OS X.

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